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SubanuHi all.. Shayanthan (alias Subanu) is an Engineering student from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering more »

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Sixth Sense Technology marvelous invention by Pranav

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Final day for Yahoo! Geocities

Starbucks in Sri Lanka

Dynamic Bean creation in Spring

Dehiwala Flyover Bridge for Public Use

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Paper : Privacy enhanced data management for an electronic identity system : Available in IEEE Xplore

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Asynchronous Messaging and JMS

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Wibiya toolbar (Wibar)

Testing Facebook Lite - A Faster Simpler Version Of The Service.

Premium page flip flash engine -FlippingBook

Obama is “Miserable Failure” at Yahoo - another Search Bomb

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Debunking Rumors about Facebook Advertising and Photos

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Firefox 3.5 is Released

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Easy way to Convert Web Pages/HTML to PDF

Choose Good Color Schemes

Google and Bing

How to speedup your Firefox browser

Enable spell check in text fields in Firefox

What is Maven ?

This is How we did the Project eID

SUDO shell command and sudoers file

How to execute SUDO shell command in PHP

Project eID is Ready for ICAMES' 2009

Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

World largest Digital library (WDL)

First Day in Aeturnum 16.04.2009

Project eID selected to ICAMES 2009

Command Line tool for Video compression

What is Google Bomb?

Space Station and Satellites Tracking : J-Track 3D

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This is a new technological rhythm in the web. It blooms like a Breeze in your technological face with more than 75 technoligical atricles and guidences.

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