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Monday, June 8, 2009
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Lets type in the browser. We can see a latest, features rich and powerful search engine which is owned by Microsoft to ratchet up the search engine wars. At the early days of the computer era, Microsoft seemed on a path to dominate our desktop and, through that, the world. But when the Internet introduced to the public usage, the Yahoo was one of the main leading champion of Web searching, and it leads to the technology to the new platform. But latter the Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google which started a new war with yahoo, and it started to lead in the Web search with several fresh technologies like multi language support, search in pdf and search in scanned images. But the war never ends, because now Microsoft also come in to this web search platform. In the early days, Microsoft failed to understand the important of the Internet technology and it had only concentrated the operating system and desktop application. But latter, in late 2004, Microsoft would build its own web search technology. In 2007, it changed the brand to Live Search. Even though it introduced to the public usages, Microsoft couldn't achieved the dominance that it had gathered in operating systems and desktop software. Now Microsoft clearly understand the worth of the Internet and the Web search engines. Everything is going to be in Internet in the next generation. So Microsoft take a first step towards that's goal. The new Web search technology has been introduced with the name BING - [ the name is so short and easily memorable and inoffensive across multiple languages]. They are tying to attract the users in many ways. They are changing a cool and new background picture in the BING site everyday. This is totally different from the Google search engines. When you scrolling the mouse pointer across the picture, it reveals information about the scene. Now the question is should Google be scared about this new Bing.... Lets see what is going to happen?

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