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Enable spell check in text fields in Firefox

Sunday, June 7, 2009
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I'm always love to use the Firefox. Because of its easily customizable and expendable functionality. There are lots of Add ons and plug ins are available to extend the Firefox functionality. In addition to these Add ons and Plugins, there are several ways to customize the Firefox browser. Sometimes when I'm speedily typing, might get some typing mistakes. I always use the dictionary add ons to overcome those spelling mistakes. But in the text boxes, those add ons fail to do the spelling check functionality. Today I found some nice way to make this functionality in Firefox. That is Firefox. Let see how to do that text spelling check in Firefox. First type about:config in the Firefox address bar. Then make these following modifications to that file by typing in the values on the respective fields to get the desired result (feel free to experiment). But its better to have a backup of that file, because just to avoid any malfunction in the browser in future. Then find the string in that file to enable spell check in text fields.
By default the valuse of that layout.spellcheckDefault is assigned to 1. Now change it to 2. Now its look like this : layout.spellcheckDefault = 2 That its.. Now restart your browser. enjoy.. :)

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