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Starbucks in Sri Lanka

Monday, October 26, 2009
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Have you ever tasted the Starbucks coffee? Really marvellous coffee that I have ever tasted. I can still delight the sweet and kind of bitter in my tongue. When I was flying to Turkey, I had to transited nearly five hours in Dubai Airport, Terminal 3 which is used by the Emirates. There I had tasted the Starbucks first time. There after in Turkey, I had it again in a midnight. The atmosphere temperate was nearly five degree centigrade. Starbucks had given a really a delight full night at there. Again when I was returning to my home I had another Starbucks in Dubai. That was the relationship between me and the Starbucks. OK lets come to the point.
This is a really funny video clip which I found in the Internet. This video illustrate how to make a Starbucks coffee in a typical road side shops in Sri Lanka. Just for a fun.. Delight with this also..

Courtesy : Starbucks in Sri Lanka

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NTH said...

thats not coffee thats tea he is making. you lost your eyesight on your way to Sri Lanka too?

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