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First Day in Aeturnum 16.04.2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009
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Today (16th of April 2009) is a wonderful day in my life. Yesh.. Today is the first day in my carrier life. This is my first and fresh job after successful completion of my undergraduate studies in University of Moratuwa as an Engineering graduate. Actually I haven't finished my convocation yet from the University. Its has scheduled to next year.
I already have some work experience as an inter in Echannelling during my internship period, but that was not a fully responsible work, that was a part of my undergraduates studies. Therefore I was just like a 'learning player' during that internship period with less responsibilities. But this is not like that, I have lots of responsibilities and duties in this Job.
16th of April 2009 - I have join in an USA based software development company called Aeturnum Lanka (Pvt) Ltd who are providing the business solutions to the users with comprehensive analytic and data mining capabilities while accelerating their time to market and lowering their total cost of ownership. Me and my friends Roshan and Natasha also joined in this company today.
To be selected to here I had to jumped over three joyful interviews. That was also very nice experiences. First interview was a technical interview and it took nearly two hours and had successfully come across from that barrier, thereafter, there was a Logical test , they gave me some problems and asked me to solve, .. it was really a interesting interview. I had jumped over that barrier also. There after almost decided.. Finally, a management (HR) interview it was a small chat with the HR regarding my expectations and the company environments. Yesh I had passed over that also. Now Today I have join in this company, :)

7:30 AM I went to the Kathireshan Kovil in Babpalapitiya
8:50 AM I was near the Nugegoda Junction.
9:00 AM Entered into the Reception and wait for the call.
10:10 AM Had a meeting(chatting) about the facilities and (mainly how to take the leaves)
10:30 AM Had a wonderful TEA :)
10:40 AM had been Introduced to every one in the company by Lalinda.
11:30 AM I had assigned to my seat with a LCD WIDE SCREEN NEW COMPUTER, and to the AthivaV2 project development. :)
12:30 PM Had lunch
2:00 PM Meeting with Sameera(Athiva V2 project manager) regarding the project Athiva V2.
3.30 PM Had another superb TEA with bisects... :) :)
5.10 PM Getting ready to leave..
5.30 PM leaved from the main entrance.
5.50 PM I was at my home.. :)

This was what happened in the first day of my work. All three of us had a very nice first experiences in our life. The peoples in the company are also very friendly and joyful.
This is my first day work experiences which I like to share with my readers. This post is not just only for expressing my felling but it could also be as a backup which I could read in future and recall my first experience.

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நிமல்-NiMaL said...

Oh great.... good luck...

//7:30 AM I went to the Kathiresha Kovin in Babpalapitiya//
Thats good, but correct some small typo errors.. :-)

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