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Space Station and Satellites Tracking : J-Track 3D

Friday, March 13, 2009
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It is really amazing. The official NASA tools which help for tracking the motion of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle which are orbiting Earth space. Do you anyone really know that there are over eight thousand artificial objects orbiting Earth? Yesh, its really amazing that over 2,500 are satellites, which are operative and inoperative. The remaining objects are orbital debris are the parts such as nose-cone shrouds, lens, hatch covers, rocket bodies, payloads that have disintegrated or exploded, and even objects that "escape" from manned spacecraft during the launch operations. All right. Now I coming to the point. NASA is now providing the 3D motion view of that Space Satellites. That tool call J-Track 3D is use to track the motion of each satellites in 3D space. This J-Track 3D is one of the most popular Java applets on NASA web site. It currently showing 900 satellites, out of thousands, swarming about our earth. Just imagine how they are stable in their orbit positions which is so far from the Earth surface and make how they are correctly rotation on their obit positions. It is really wonderful engineering work to sustain those space stations in their correct position without any interfering of other space stations. Here I post some nice shots of those Space Satellites.

IMAGE Satellites - IS a Poler Satellite
INTELSAT 511 Satellite
TEAMSAT Satellite
HST Satellite
COSMOS 2411(712) Satellite
HST Satellite

click Here To view those 900 satellites

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