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Internet traffic down accross Asia

Saturday, December 20, 2008
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According to the BBC news, the Internet traffic across the middle-east and Asia have been severely affected following the severing of an undersea Internet cable. Undersea Internet cable lines such as FLAG FEA, SMW4, and SMW3, near Alexandria have been reportedly severed. And also the, the GO ubmarine cable off the Siciliy coast too reported problems. This has led to a huge drop in the overall traffic in internet and phone line in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and all of the Gulf states. In Sri Lanka most of the ADSL users claimed that their Internet traffic reported down. Even India has reported as much as a 65% drop in the overall traffic. Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Taiwan too are reeling from the effects of the problem. It's quite unknown if the Malta cable problems are related to these cuts, perhaps from a weather or seismic event. However in the online world the cuts are certainly related in how they will make it that much slower or impossible for users to connect around the world. This is reported as the second time in as many months that undersea cable links have been damaged. Back then however, only two lines were damaged. This time, the matter is a tad more serious because three out of the four lines have been damaged — leaving with the one remaining cable to handle all the traffic. If the fourth cable is damaged as well, it could lead to a complete Internet blackout in the Middle-East. And the marine network Experts expect things to be back to normal by December 31. I think all the peoples have gone to there X-MUS vacation.

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