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How to Create a Strong Passwords

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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Today in the internet world, every one having problem with remembering the password and preserve them from the on-line hackers. Here I specified some important tips for creating a good and strong password. First of all DON'T SELECT YOUR MOTHER/FATHER/SISTER/BROTHER/GIRL FRIEND'S name as your password. Use a mix of characters and case Use letters, numbers and special characters such as ! and #. Example: MyName!Start@DaWord!S (My Name is start at da word S) Important - Dont use any real words, Cos many brute force applications rely on the fact that many people use words they can remember as their passwords. Example: MyNameIsS Use a mnemonic to help you remember the password Come up with your own mnemonic and throw in some special characters. Example: Shayath play chess very well, or ShPlChVeWe Don't use any relation name as your Security Key

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