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Online Ticket Reservation System

Saturday, November 1, 2008
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This post illustrates the features of a web based Ticket reservation system for the cinema theatres. And also this is a kind of self advertisement :). I did this project when i was in third year for my Undergraduate Studies( 2007 ) in University of Moratuwa. Then I keep all the documents that i used to develop that project here for your knowledge. When I started to develop the project theres are not enough materials for this Topic.
Thats why I put all the stuffs in the web. To keep the documents about the system that will help when developing the system and to find conflict requirements in the initial state and eliminate them with out worry about them in the middle. The focused users are who wishes to save their time, instead of wasting their time for searching the materials in the web. So please don't copy all the stuffs. Just go through this and do it your own.

Visit Here to get all the details of this project work..

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