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Facebook Timeline - Overkilling feature.

Thursday, December 15, 2011
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Today I've enabled the Timeline feature in Facebook. When I enabled, it ask me to review what's on my Timeline and add/hide whatever I want, before publishing the Timeline. It was huge: from the beginning to today. I didn't spend much time to review my Timeline and just had a quick run in my Timeline and felt that feature is amazing and cool. But after I published the Timeline, I realized that Timeline feature have widely opened my private door to outside world. :(. Its stared to show all of my past wall posts, likes, comments, status updates and everything to every one.. Terrible feature. Overkill feature which stared to make visible my privacy to outside.

Even though, there was a 7 day preview period, I liked to go for an immediate use and wanted to enjoy the pretty cover and Timeline feature. After I enabled, I saw my past posts and likes which I don't want to show now have started to show in my Timeline. I was embarrassing and wanted to deleted them from the Timeline. But it was not allowed me to do deleted.

Many peoples will like this Timeline and would like to show their colors in their Timeline. Facebook have design a wonderful feature for them. But what about the privacy of individuals? One who post a status/comments/image in his/her Timeline will be bold and show forever for all the outside world of your facebook account. Today the Facebook users do not mind about their status/comments/images in the Timeline. But one day those past Timeline posts could become a threat/issue for their personal life. How facebook and individuals are going to handle this embarrassing feature with their privacy? Its going to be a big challenge..!!

For sure, Facebook is going to hit by lots of criticism in near future because of this overkilling privacy issue. And Timeline users, be aware that once you enable your Timeline, you do not have any chance to roleback. So think twice before enable this feature.

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