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Why I like to use Firefox?

Monday, January 12, 2009
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The usage of the Firefox browser is enormously increasing compare with other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. There are several reason for that unbeatable growth of the Firefox usage. In the early days Internet Explorer was categorized as the top level Browser. According to the W3C categorization in 2002, IE was used my more than 85% of the internet users (IE6-53.5% IE5-29.9%). But latter, after the introduction of the Firefox Browser it started to capture the market. Firefox is an open sources project of the Mozilla Global Community. Yeah.. it may be the reason to the current unbeatable position of the Firefox Browser.
But I like the Firefox Browser for several reason as a User of the Firefox. I only use the IE to download the Firefox. There after I'll stared to use the Firefox. Some times, if I need more than one working session for any web application then I have no choice to choose other than IE. That is very really happening incident. Here I specify why I'm interest to use the Firefox rather than other Browsers. Remember it is only a user point of view.

  • Easy for Different Profile maintain
  • Firefox allowed me to maintain a User profile and its facilitate high level of Profile Customizations. Password Manager, Profile Manager, Download Manager and Personal Bookmarks make my life very fast. :)
  • Great Customization
  • It is allow high level personal customizations by using the Add one and Plugin. Its make my life very easy and fast.
  • Easy support for almost all WEB Applications
  • As per my knowledge, its support almost all web applications that are available today.
  • High Security
  • Simply I can able to put, my online security in top priority. Firefox includes strict anti-phishing and anti-malware measures, plus easy ways to tell the good guys from the bad like our new one-click site ID info.
  • High speed and performance
  • Compare with other Browsers its look too fast and high performance. Faster Page Load, Faster JavaScript and Memory Management make me always happy. :)
  • Its Free
  • I don't need to bother about the serial key and other 'shit' propriety stuffs. :) :)

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