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Off Stage

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
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Photography is a language of ART. A good photo paints a thousand words. But getting that photo is a big task for a photographer. The patient full and precious timing photograph will be awarded. The on-stage performance with lots of ornaments, clothes and makeup is definitely admired by the audience. But getting a valuable photo with moods and enthusiasms is something different and difficult from the other shots. Yes…

But in the off-stage, artiest are always feeling free to do anything with their collies. Normally that seines are never reach the audiences. But Arties, they really enjoy that seines. That makes them happy whenever they remember those seines. They wearing the costumes, ornaments and they help others to makeup. Any one can't disturb their joyfulness. Here look at them. They all are really enjoying that moment.

What a valuable photo.... isn't it? If JULIUS CAESAR alive.....?

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