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MVC Pattern

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
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Model-View-Controller (MVC) which is more popular in the Enterprise Level applications is a classic design pattern often used by applications that need the ability to maintain multiple views of the same data. The MVC pattern hinges on a clean separation of objects into one of three categories — Models for maintaining data Views for displaying all or a portion of the data, and Controllers for handling events that affect the model or view(s). Because of this separation, multiple views and controllers can interface with the same model. Even new types of views and controllers that never existed before can interface with a model without forcing a change in the model design.

How It Works

The MVC abstraction can be graphically represented as follows. This picture will give some brief idea about the MVC design pattern

Events typically cause a controller to change a model, or view, or both. If we need to manage with different types of users ( WAP, WEB, DESKTOP CLIENTS, ect.. ) we user this MVC pattern. Basically it is help to separate the Business Logic from the design. When we separates the Business logic from other two layers, we can be able to make any changes easily, without affecting the others. This allow us to make the system with the principle of Software Engineering. That is the OCP concept ( CLOSED TO MODIFICATION BUT OPEN TO EXTEND) . What are the advantages in MVC We can Re-use of Model components. This is the main idea behind the OO concept. The separation of model and view allows multiple views to use the same enterprise model. Easier support for new types of clients. The separation of the business Logic from the other tires, we can easily managed with the new types of users. To support a new type of client, you simply write a view and some controller logic and wire them into the existing enterprise application

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